A new optical transparent resinAZPTM

What isAZPTM?

AZP™ is an innovative transparent resin whose birefringence has been controlled at the molecular level using Asahi Kasei’s advanced molecular design technology along with proprietary polymerization technology.

AZP™ has exceptional optical characteristics that have been lacking in transparent resin to date, along with the processability and light weight of resin.


01Low birefringence

AZP™ delivers near-zero in-plane retardation (Re) and out-of-plane retardation (Rth), which describe birefringence caused by resin molding, as well as the coefficient of photoelasticity (C), which indicates the magnitude of the effects of birefringence (photoelasticity) caused by stress.

Although birefringence can cause issues such as reduced contrast in optical devices that use liquid crystal or polarization, AZP™ can be expected to resolve those issues by delivering low birefringence.

02Heat resistance
Light resistance
High hardness

Since AZP™ is resistant to heat and light, offers excellent shape stability in hot environments, and maintains favorable appearance characteristics even when exposed to ultraviolet light over extended periods of time, AZP™ is expected to be used in automotive optical components and other parts. In addition, AZP™ offers greater scratch resistance than cyclic olefin polymer (COP) and polycarbonate (PC).

Examples of howAZPTMcan be used

AZP™, which is attracting high expectations as an innovative material that can serve as an alternative to optical glass, will broaden the future potential of optical products.

VR headset

WGF™ (a reflective polarizing film from Asahi Kasei) laminated AZP™ lenses can be used in VR headsets to provide a broader field of view by polarization-based optical folding, allowing for thinner, lighter headsets.

AZP™ can be expected to reduce ghosts and flares caused by birefringence and to improve contrast.

Other resin

Display cover

AZP™’s high degree of freedom in terms of processability can help make large and curved displays, an area of accelerating need with the digitization of automobile interiors.

In addition, because AZP™ can maintain clear visibility, even for images seen through polarized sunglasses, thanks to its low birefringence, it will make possible the design of displays with unique, unprecedented shapes.


In addition to excellent light resistance, which keeps the material from yellowing even when used for extended periods of time, AZP™ makes possible vivid images by maintaining the quantity of light and preserving polarization.


AZP™ is sustainable, next-generation transparent resin that will enrich people’s lives by contributing to the development of optical products.